End of The Move

Relocation is carried out through a partnership program with all agents within the accreditation of the international movers association all of whom operate at the same levels of service. Relocations work in tandem with all of the most reputed industry professionals with regards to destination needs. Prior to the cargo reaching the destination, our appointed agent will contact you with regards to affecting the necessary customs clearance, delivering, and unpacking.

Settling in after movers and packers

Once at the destination, our crew will operate with efficiency and skill to unpack, assemble and place your belongings correctly. After it is done, any remaining packing material and debris will be removed.

Your sign of approval

Once everything is done to your contentment we will ask you to sign the packing list and delivery report so we know that we have once again done an amazing job for one more discerning client.

If in the rare case you do find an item damaged or missing, simply speak to our relocation supervisor at the site so that we can take the required action or ask you to fill in a claim form for prompt clearance.

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