Getting to the Move

Careful planning, foresight and professional care can help your move be seamless and stress-free. To help you prepare for the big move, we’ve outlined the entire process – so you’re in the loop and completely aware of what’s going to follow.

Pre-move Survey/Assessment

TransOn Relocations Move Consultant will first conduct a meeting with you to assess the most important needs. They will work closely with you, and assess, categorize and itemize all your personal belongings. Special notes will be taken about valuables, electronic gadgets, antiques and fragile items. If pets need to be relocated, we would be more than happy to assist you to make the necessary arrangements.

The weight and volume of the items to be shipped will be determined within 100% of accuracy. The estimate generated will also depend on factors such as destination, mode of shipment, special packing material etc.


Our team will be in touch with you, and will co-ordinate with you regarding the move. We will help you formulate the date keeping in mind the time required and estimated volume.

list for you:

Before our packing crew arrives, ensure you have kept all your personal and valuable belongings like bank documents, jewelry, passports, tickets, credit cards with you!

day of packing

Our crew will arrive early on to start with the packing, and will carry out the designated tasks of wrapping, taping, boxing and crating. They will ensure to cause minimum disruption to your regular life.

color coding

It’s best to use color coded stickers on items and cartons which will help our crew effortlessly identify and facilitate exact unpacking and placement of your stuff at your new home.

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