How Do We Do it

We have superior packing and crafting material along with expert packing skills which ensures your belongings aren’t harmed during transit. Chinaware, silverware, glassware and other fragile items are packed using bubble roll and newsprint wrapping paper.

For packing furniture, we use newsprint wrapping paper, flat board sheets and bubble sheets. For high-value item, we use a special type of foam. Clothes and dresses are wrapped with newsprint wrapping paper and packed in customized flat high wardrobe cartons while books, files and CDs are packed in customized small cartons.

Sturdy corrugated/wooden boxes and crates are used for electronic appliances, musical instruments, and family collectibles, while artworks, paintings, art objects are bubble wrapped and packed in customized picture pack cartons.

packing list

After packing, all boxes and crates are carefully tagged for identification and become part of a packing list that acts as your receipt.

smooth & clean

Once you have ascertained that everything is in order, you could start the process to disengage all utilities connections and subscriptions.

watch every move

We use state-of-the-art and computerized tracking systems to keep a close watch on your cargo. So you can be rest assured as we keep you continually informed about the location of your belongings.

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