How to prepare well for the move

Relocating can be a very stressful period, however, we’re here to make it simple for you! While our professional crew will take care of everything, there are certain things you want to be in control of. Follow the 4 ‘P’ rule when it comes to relocating – Preparation, Planning, Patience and Positive Attitude. Here are a few tips which will make the process way smoother and relaxed for you!


Bring out the label maker – organize and segregate your things as per their need. Everything that belongs to be bedroom, label it. Everything that goes into the study – label the same. This will help you simplify your life at your new place. Once everything is marked, you will be able to do a clean-up of your house as well. Whatever isn’t labelled, is something you don’t need. Discard it or donate it – as it will make it far simpler to pack and unpack later. Also, remember to keep important documents and jewelry separately as you don’t want these getting misplaced through this entire relocation process.


While it might seem irrelevant to back-up all your data from the computer, tablet, work-files – it’s important to do this so that nothing is lost in the process of moving out. While our team ensures everything is placed correctly and properly, these are things you don’t want to stress about.


Decluttered rooms help packers move a lot quicker as they have clear level surfaces to work on. Whatever is fragile, mark it appropriately so that the crew takes extra care while handling the boxes. Anything that has a sentimental or financial value attached to it, take extra care, evaluate and keep in mind what needs to be done – whether or not it requires your personal attention or if any other precaution needs to be taken.


Yes, while our packers are experienced and have done this multiple times – it is your home and your space. No one knows it like you do – so oversee, answer their doubts and communicate your expectations, this will ensure a seamless relocation!

Also, a bonus tip – stock up on refreshments – moving can be supremely tiring!

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