Relocation is carried out through a partnership program with all agents within the accreditation of the international movers association all of whom operate at the same levels of service. Relocations work in tandem with all of the most reputed industry professionals with regards to destination needs. Prior to the cargo reaching the destination, our appointed agent will contact you with regards to affecting the necessary customs clearance, delivering, and unpacking.


Once at the destination, our crew will operate with efficiency and skill to unpack, assemble and place your belongings correctly. After it is done, any remaining packing material and debris will be removed.


Once everything is done to your contentment we will ask you to sign the packing list and delivery report so we know that we have once again done an amazing job for one more discerning client.

If in the rare case you do find an item damaged or missing, simply speak to our relocation supervisor at the site so that we can take the required action or ask you to fill in a claim form for prompt clearance.

We give you the best options for transportation depending on the volume and deadlines in your shipment. Based on the size of your personal effects, we would recommend a mode of transportation or a combination of several.


While shipping by air is the fastest, it’s also the most expensive way of transporting your household goods to their destination. We recommend it only if time is of the essence or if the shipment size is not too large.


This mode of transportation is used for inter-city moves or within the GCC countries.


Used for international moves, transporting cargo by the sea is the most economical and commonly preferred option which includes modes like the Lift van Method, the Groupage method and the Direct Container Method.

We have superior packing and crafting material along with expert packing skills which ensures your belongings aren’t harmed during transit. Chinaware, silverware, glassware and other fragile items are packed using bubble roll and newsprint wrapping paper.

For packing furniture, we use newsprint wrapping paper, flat board sheets and bubble sheets. For high-value item, we use a special type of foam. Clothes and dresses are wrapped with newsprint wrapping paper and packed in customized flat high wardrobe cartons while books, files and CDs are packed in customized small cartons.

Sturdy corrugated/wooden boxes and crates are used for electronic appliances, musical instruments, and family collectibles, while artworks, paintings, art objects are bubble wrapped and packed in customized picture pack cartons.


After packing, all boxes and crates are carefully tagged for identification and become part of a packing list that acts as your receipt.


Once you have ascertained that everything is in order, you could start the process to disengage all utilities connections and subscriptions.


We use state-of-the-art and computerized tracking systems to keep a close watch on your cargo. So you can be rest assured as we keep you continually informed about the location of your belongings.

Careful planning, foresight and professional care can help your move be seamless and stress-free. To help you prepare for the big move, we’ve outlined the entire process – so you’re in the loop and completely aware of what’s going to follow.


TransOn Relocations Move Consultant will first conduct a meeting with you to assess the most important needs. They will work closely with you, and assess, categorize and itemize all your personal belongings. Special notes will be taken about valuables, electronic gadgets, antiques and fragile items. If pets need to be relocated, we would be more than happy to assist you to make the necessary arrangements.

The weight and volume of the items to be shipped will be determined within 100% of accuracy. The estimate generated will also depend on factors such as destination, mode of shipment, special packing material etc.


Our team will be in touch with you, and will co-ordinate with you regarding the move. We will help you formulate the date keeping in mind the time required and estimated volume.


Before our packing crew arrives, ensure you have kept all your personal and valuable belongings like bank documents, jewelry, passports, tickets, credit cards with you!


Our crew will arrive early on to start with the packing, and will carry out the designated tasks of wrapping, taping, boxing and crating. They will ensure to cause minimum disruption to your regular life.


It’s best to use color coded stickers on items and cartons which will help our crew effortlessly identify and facilitate exact unpacking and placement of your stuff at your new home.