Planning & Organizing

Relocation requires a lot of planning and organizing – irrespective of what anyone says! Planning ahead helps with seamless relocating and avoids all last-minute panic and confusion. Also, it helps ensure that you don’t overlook any important detail.

You’ll also be required to change your contact address for the services you utilize, for example, your bank accounts. Ensure you inform all the utilities about your relocation.

It’s a good idea to take a few trips to your new home and get a feel of the place. Items that were perfect for your old home might not look quite so good in your new house, so this should help you discard and organize your items.

While you can purchase packing supplies and do this on your own, it’s best to hire professional movers who can handle this with utmost ease and comfort. You will already have a ton of work to do, and if you have children, then you will anyway be completely drained in work.

Before the moving crew arrives, take stock of all the items in your house; do this at least three weeks before the move. Take care to label all of your items; especially the ones that are fragile or valuable to you. Dispose or give away stuff that is not useful for your new home – you don’t want to be saddled with extra baggage.

Before it’s time to move into your new home, don’t forget to supervise the crew and check if all is going well. As far as important documents and jewelry are concerned, keep them protected in a separate container – you don’t want these items getting lost or misplaced.

While the packers use high quality material to protect your goods from dust and any other environmental hazards during transport, it’s best to clean your new house completely. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Oversee the packers as they arrange your items accordingly, and always insist on a receipt of all the items that were transported.

Clear out all the excess packing material like boxes, labels, packing tape, etc. If you’re living in a flat, evaluate your building management’s waste disposal policy and dispose accordingly. Settle in, and enjoy your new home!

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